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hi i'm reyna and these liferuiners
[] are the worst.
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psa: i’m moving!

wow i can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since i’ve last posted here.. 0.o

well, this post is to announce what is probably the obvious: i’ve moved accounts, my new kpop account can be found here! mostly it’ll be the same as this blog (+ a few new biases that’ve ruined my life recently sobs ;;) but i just wanted a new start, you know?

i will officially stop posting on wonholic. pls follow me on my new account if you still like my posts, thank you! and i will still continue to make gifs, no worries.

ty to everyone who’s still following me until now. ♥ hopefully i’ll see you in my new blog! (❂‿❂)

kris’ introduction

taemin writes that he loves his mom on the window fog